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Winter Indoor Soccer Schedule Now Posted!

02/11/2017, 3:15pm CST
By SSA News




Waiver  * Individuals utilizing Topeka Sports Factory do so at their own risk. The property (owner), league operators, and staff assume no liability for any injuries or accidents which may occur. Please reference the release and medical waiver. 
Roster 1. Roster limit is 8 players 2. 4v4, no goalie 
League Scheduling / Standings / Scoring 1. Games will start at 8am on Saturday. 2. There will be NO reschedules. 
Game Day Procedures 1. Teams can warm up after previous game ends.  2. Pennies will be provided for each team. . 3. Clear the playing area as quickly as possible and clean up all trash.  
Additional Information 1. Player’s may wear turf or tennis shoes. No cleats.  2. Player’s must wear shin guards at all times during league play. 3. Topeka Sports Factory is not responsible for lost or stolen items. 4. Schedules are subject to change at the discretion of Topeka Sports Factory. 5. All youth teams must have an adult that is 18 years old or older on with them at all times. 6. There is limited first aid available at the concession stand. In case of an emergency management will contact 911. 7. Player’s receiving a red card will be suspended for the remainder of that game along with that teams next game. Management reserves the right to extend the suspension depending on severity of the foul. 8. Spitting on fields is not allowed.  
Referee concerns / complaints / compliments Referees that are appointed to officiate each game have total authority and all decisions that are made in connection to that game are final. Referees are independent subcontractors and are not employees of Topeka Sports Factory. Topeka Sports Factory management will oversee the referee staff through periodic checks, written exams and constructive criticism. If you have a major concern about a referee or a game in progress please bring it to managements attention to insure that the issue is resolved.  
No Tolerance Policy Topeka Sports Factory reserves the right to suspend or ban a player, parent, spectator from playing or entering Topeka Sports Factory. Referees have been instructed to Red Card players for the following infractions: - spitting on a referee or opponent - physically contacting a game official - leaving the player box to engage in misconduct or confrontation - uses inappropriate language towards the official - maliciously hits, kicks, or strikes another player or referee The red carded player will be suspended for the remainder of that game along with that team’s next game.  Topeka Sports Factory reserves the right to extend the suspension based on the severity of the infraction. The game shall not be restarted until the red carded player leaves the player box. If the red carded player does not leave the bench the offending team will forfeit a 0-5 loss. The red carded player is required to give 
the referee his/her name and any refusal will result in a 0-5 forfeit for offending team.  Any players that receive an increased suspension or ban will not receive a refund. 
Time Each game will consist of four 10 minute quarters, with a 5 min half.  
Substitutions Substitutions may occur each quarter.   Substitutions may also occur on the ‘fly’ during the quarter.  The player leaving the field must be exiting before the new player may be involved in play.   
Penalties A player who kicks, trips, strikes, elbows, jumps at, pushes, holds, charges, obstructs or intentionally handles the ball shall be penalized by awarding a free Indirect kick to the offended team. Any of the above fouls including, but not limited too committed by the defending team in its penalty area shall result in a penalty kick. 
Slide tackling is not allowed at any times.  
Unsportsmanlike Conduct Penalties Unsportsmanlike conduct penalties may be assessed at the discretion of the referee.  A coach, manager, player, and parent that is not on the field can receive an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for abusive language or any other conduct that the referee deems to be offensive and or abusive. 
Goalkeeper Restrictions There are no Goalkeepers and offense and defensive players are not allowed into the goalie box. 
Injuries The clock will not stop for an injury. 
Start / Restarts of Play The visiting team has possession in the first period and home in the second. Teams change goals after each period. There is no off sides .A goal is scored when the entire ball passes completely over the goal line providing the attacking team has not committed any infractions. The ball is out of bounds when the ball passes the perimeter wall (hit’s the net) or when it hit’s the ceiling.  The ball will be placed where it was kicked out of bounds from. Opposing team will have a free kick from where the ball was last played. If the ball was last played or touched by a player standing in his/her teams own penalty area the ball will be played on top of his/her arc. When the ball hits the net in between the corner markings by a defensive player a corner kick will be rewarded. For all indirect kicks 15 feet (5 steps) will be granted for the offense automatically or if asked for by the player or coach.  
 Please help us keep your facility clean. No spitting on the fields and please clean up your benches after games.  



Winter Indoor Recreational Soccer Returns This January!

In Cooperation with Topeka Sports Factory

All games played on top-of-the-line artificial turf surface with no out-of-bounds lines for non-stop action!

Games will be played on Saturdays in January and February at Topeka Sports Factory, located at Forbes Field in Topeka and is available to recreational players who are no younger than four and no older than 13 on or before July 31, 2016 (Players who turned 4 in August of 2016 are eligible to play).  Fees for the 6 games are $45.  The deadline is December 2, 2016.  This league is only open to RECREATIONAL players.


An optional 3 Day Soccer Camp December 27-29 will also be available.  The fee for camp is an additional $10 and the option is available when you register.  Ages 4-8 will be placed in the 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm time slot and ages 9-13 will be placed in the 7:30 - 8:30 time slot, registration allows you to choose the correct age group, if you would like to move your child up to the older age group you are allowed.


General Information:

1. The indoor season will begin January 7th and conclude in February 18th.

2. We will play a 6 game season with games on Saturdays at The Sports Factory. There will be no reschedules for these games.

3. We will play 4 v 4 with an 8 player roster limit.

4. A coach will contact players approximately 2 weeks before the season begins.

5. Game schedules will be posted on our website.

6. Uniforms will NOT be provided for this league. Pinnies will be provided for each team at game time.

7. All players are required to wear shin guards and socks that cover them. Cleats are NOT allowed.

8. You may NOT request a coach for your child. Teams will be formed by Sunflower Soccer. Current outdoor players will be placed with their team on a first-come, first serve basis. No more than 8 players will be allowed per team.

9. Teams will not be practicing. This is an opportunity for continued soccer experience through the winter.

10. Refund Policy:  To receive a refund, please submit a written request (email is acceptable) to our office, prior to the first Saturday of scheduled league games.  An administrative fee of $20 will be assessed to the refund.  No refunds will be given after the season starts.